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Pooled expertise for DAX MetallForm

How two professionals accelerate the pace in sheet metal processing

When 11,000 parts have to be transported every week, a future-proof solution is required. That is why DAX MetallForm relies on our ERC 213a Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), which handles 22 transports per hour and automatically transfers around 80 percent of the parts through production.


  • Implementing a logistics flow with mixed operation that suits the permanent growth of the company
  • Planning and meeting all requirements for the use of an Automated Guided Vehicle System
  • Reducing overheads for the handling of numerous mass-produced parts
  • Testing pallet formats and assuring standardised dimensions for correct automated transportation


  • Partnership solution between TRUMPF and Jungheinrich for automated material flow control
  • Interface between TRUMPF's TruTops Fab production control module and Jungheinrich's AGV Logistics Interface, allowing the system to dock directly to the production plan
  • Automated Guided Vehicle ERC 213a with lithium-ion technology and automatic booster charging
  • Mixed operation with EJE electric pallet trucks for the manual transportation of large parts


  • Maximum flexibility and transparency of processes thanks to automated transport
  • Use of the AGV ERC 213a for high efficiency with 22 transports per hour and 11,000 parts per week
  • Reduction of the employees` workload, which creates more capacity for other tasks
  • Reduction of setup times by around 20 percent and throughput times by approximately 25 percent

DAX MetallForm at a glance

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